Springtime, and the possibilities are endless

Ah, springtime. I like to sit at the table on our back deck and listen to the sounds of our neighborhood. I do this all year long — even when it means I have to bundle up in layers against the cold of a Tidewater winter. But in the spring, there’s a special blessing, and I’m not talking about the layer of pollen I tend to bring inside with me when I’m done. Right now, the birds are twittering and squawking and chirping their various songs. A neighbor has just fired up his lawn mower for the first time this … Continue reading Springtime, and the possibilities are endless

Amazed by grace

Delivered January 2017 at Liberty Spring Christian Church What kinds of things are you amazed by? I used to be amazed by juggling. I’m basically an uncoordinated schlub, so watching someone toss more than one ball into the air at a time and then catch them all just seemed like straight-up magic to me. And then I had a juggler in college spend a few minutes teaching me about it one day. Ever since then, I can take three balls and — with a little practice — actually juggle. See? I’m a juggler. Even me, an uncoordinated schlub. Of course, … Continue reading Amazed by grace

A seat at the table

  March 12, 2017 Coloring outside the lines again… Ephesians 2:1-10 – A favorite Let’s read it. OK, I preached on this a few weeks ago, and I could do so again today, but I want to show you how beautiful God’s story is, how wonderfully connected and interwoven. Has anyone ever said to you that the Bible is just a bunch of made-up stories? As a writer, here’s the thing that doesn’t make sense about that: All of the “made-up stories” fit together so perfectly. So many different writers working separately across more than a thousand years of time … Continue reading A seat at the table