Amazed by grace

Delivered January 2017 at Liberty Spring Christian Church What kinds of things are you amazed by? I used to be amazed by juggling. I’m basically an uncoordinated schlub, so watching someone toss more than one ball into the air at a time and then catch them all just seemed like straight-up magic to me. And then I had a juggler in college spend a few minutes teaching me about it one day. Ever since then, I can take three balls and — with a little practice — actually juggle. See? I’m a juggler. Even me, an uncoordinated schlub. Of course, … Continue reading Amazed by grace

The Day of the Lord

  March 26, 2017 Last week, we talked briefly about the concept of God actively bringing pain into the lives of His people. You might remember that I asked whether God ALLOWS pain in the lives of His people. Everyone in the room nodded and said, Yes. But then I asked whether God ever BRINGS suffering into the lives of those who are His. I think I would describe your assent to that idea as muted, at best. Scripture tells us that God is good, that He loves us and that every good thing we have comes from Him. I … Continue reading The Day of the Lord

Go bear fruit

  March 19, 2017 Before we get into the meat of today’s lesson, I want to start with a couple of questions I was pondering while I studied. If you have your Bibles, turn with me to John 13:23. We’ll be just a couple of pages further along in today’s text, so you’ll want to keep your Bibles open to the Book of John. Read John 13:23 Now turn to John 19:26. Read Now, look at John 21:7. Read Christian tradition and most current church scholars agree that John was identifying himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” in these … Continue reading Go bear fruit

A seat at the table

  March 12, 2017 Coloring outside the lines again… Ephesians 2:1-10 – A favorite Let’s read it. OK, I preached on this a few weeks ago, and I could do so again today, but I want to show you how beautiful God’s story is, how wonderfully connected and interwoven. Has anyone ever said to you that the Bible is just a bunch of made-up stories? As a writer, here’s the thing that doesn’t make sense about that: All of the “made-up stories” fit together so perfectly. So many different writers working separately across more than a thousand years of time … Continue reading A seat at the table